Ultrawide Monitor and It’s Benefits

ultrawide monitorYears ago, to do multitasking easily, we have to set up a multi-monitor workstation. But now, we can simply use an ultra-wide monitor that equals to two or even three monitors side-by-side. This is much easier compared to deploying multiple monitors which involves installing additional video cards. Using an ultra-wide monitor also consumes less energy, thus lower the utility bill. Another benefit of using an extra wide monitor is that it’s less-cluttered with cables, so you can have all the space for other important stuff instead. Most of the ultra-wide monitors in the market have a nice design, so they will look great on your office desk. However, these super-wide monitors aren’t just for offices. They are also great for hardcore gamers who want to enjoy the most of their favorite games.

Using an ultra-wide monitor is surely more practical than using multiple monitors. Interestingly, some websites are claiming that when being used for work, it will boost productivity. But in reality, that’s not always the case. It’s surely much more efficient to use one ultrawide monitor than to use several regular monitors, but when it comes to productivity, it depends on how you use it.

Ultra-wide Monitor Manufacturers

Some of the most popular brands that manufacture ultra-wide monitors include ASUS, DELL, LG, and AOC. However, each of these companies does not manufacture many models, probably because the demand for this type of monitor isn’t high enough yet. Compared to regular monitors, ultra-wide monitors, especially the large ones, are a bit more expensive. The Ultrasharp U3415W 34” Curved LED Display from Dell, for example, is being offered at around $1200. This one, however, isn’t just a regular ultra-wide monitor. It has a curved panel, which according to hardcore gamers, is really great for gaming, but most likely isn’t too good for work. Smaller ultra-wide monitors with the flat non-curved panel, such as the LG 29UM65 29” LED Display, are much more affordable, at around $400.