Reasons Many People Doing Plastic Surgery

Although more popular among ordinary people as “plastic surgery”, in fact this procedure is part of the surgical medical science. The word “plastic” in “plastic surgery” comes from the Greek “plastikos” which means forming. Thus, the plastic here does not mean that plastic surgery using a plastic base material.

plastic Surgery

Jenny Mccarthy Plastic Surgery, This now plastic surgery has become a trend, but many people do not realize that this operation has actually been developing long centuries of human life on earth. In the 19th and 20th centuries, plastic surgery has become a common practice. Started by a first plastic surgeon in America, dr. John Peter Mettauer to perform surgery on cleft palate. Its contribution is quite large, but who considered the father of modern plastic surgery is Sir Harold Gillies because he successfully developed a variety of other techniques in plastic surgery.

Two types of plastic surgery

The type of plastic surgery is generally divided into two types based on the purpose of the surgery itself, which is surgery to reconstruction and surgery for aesthetic.

Aesthetic surgery is aimed at patients with normal and healthy, but feel the shape of the body possessed less good or harmonious, for example, has a nose that is less sharp, wants to widen the eyelids, enlarge / reduce breast, enlarging / reducing the buttocks, liposuction alias rid of fat in the abdomen , etc. They hoped that the plastic surgery they can get near-perfect body shape.

5 reasons to have plastic surgery

Age is growing, we are increasingly able to feel the impact of these advances in medical technology, one of them in plastic surgery. Then anytime plastic surgery usually is necessary to do?

1. Improvement of appearance

Sometimes some people born with certain birth defects while some people may have a defective condition after an accident, injury, or other medical problems. Plastic surgery can address these issues with the goal of reconstruction.

2. Supporting career

Plastic surgery can support a person’s career that requires appearance to be a major focus. One of the benefits of plastic surgery is felt by the celebrities in the running career.

3. Addressing health issues

Plastic surgery can also be very useful for those who have health problems that may interfere with their performance. For example, someone with breasts that are too large often experience tremendous pain, so do plastic surgery breast reduction to health problems, and appearance.

4. Increasing confidence

Plastic surgery, mainly for aesthetic purposes, can provide a strong self-image and positive. Even slight changes in outward appearance can create a big change from the inside, which is letting oneself confidence grows.

5. When a non-invasive therapies are not able to resolve the problem

Many non-invasive beauty therapy could be an option before we finally decided to get plastic surgery. If it all yet able to provide maximum results, then plastic surgery can be the last option to address the problem of beauty.

Do I need plastic surgery?

Many people, especially women in the big city looking plastic surgery for aesthetic purposes is not something taboo and menakutkkan again. Because the problem of beauty is a sensitive and important issue, aesthetic plastic surgery seems to be an instant solution to penampilah more perfect.

But, before doing so, you also have to think wisely about how important plastic surgery for you and whether you really need this change. Because of the changes resulting from plastic surgery are usually dramatic and permanent, it is important for you to have a clear understanding of what will you feel after plastic surgery an option for your plenary appearance.

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