Looks of trip for the woman chaise

As promised, I will publish in this post some looks for the traveling wheelchair. Our proposal is to travel light in every way:


Clothes for half-season and winter, but that do not stop their movements, because they are not heavy.
The fabrics are delicate and pleasing to the touch. They will not cause injury or discomfort.
Few pieces that match one another.
Nothing crumbles. Therefore, it is easy to carry folded in suitcase or backpack.
The suitcase is light because there are few pieces, and the fabric does not weigh.
As I explained in the previous post, clothes for wheelers, to be comfortable and not to hurt, must meet certain criteria.

The production and of Laureana Morais, of La├žo de Chita. All clothing and accessories, except for the Tina Descolada shoes and T-shirt, are from the Chita Lace. The photos are from Marta Alencar, from Alta Estima Photography Inclusiva. Everything is explained here and here , if you have not read it yet.

I look forward to your comments and your looks suggestions! Just send to acordodepaz@gmail.com that I publish here and in the Pinterest of the Flying Chair!