Knowing Access Controls Door

Door Access Control is a system that can or to restrict users to access a room by placing a device control system on the door. In Access Control Doors, access control refers to the practice of restricting entrances to property, buildings, or spaces for authorized persons. Formerly the Door Access Control was done by personnel such as border guards, door guards, ticket inspectors, or with devices such as a key.

However, the manual access control system began to be abandoned due to the many limitations. And in the last decade Finger spot has distributed the Door Control Access product with biometric system combined with the microcontroller system has provided many answers to the limitations. Fingerspot door access control systems use access control machines or with access control support machines that function as systems designed to give authority commands to restrict users from accessing certain areas, rooms or facilities. As the execution output of the access control machine is added electric lock (electric lock) with the system open and close.

Almost in every mall and shopping centers we will find automatic doors. This door will open when you approach it and close when you have passed it. Automatic doors appear as simple ordinary doors but actually automatic doors are not as simple as they look. Automatic door is a complex series of machines consisting of many parts such as sensors and motor drive systems that work in harmony so that automatic doors can open and close safely. Here’s How the Auto Door Works.

Automatic doors can work to open and close automatically using sensor technology. A sensor is a device that can detect the presence of a person or other object when the person or object is approaching an automatic door. Usually, the sensors will be placed around automatic doors. These sensors will also be placed on both sides of the inside and outside of the automatic doors, so that automatic doors can work from both sides. The sensor will then activate the system that will drive the motor that will open and close the automatic door.

How it Works and Types of Sensors on Automatic Doors

  1. Optical Sensors

This sensor will emit infra-red curtains that are invisible to the eye at a certain range. This sensor will react if someone or something is blocking the transmitted infrared light. If one enters an area irradiated with this light, then the beam of light will be disrupted and become incomplete. This causes the program commands to close the door undisturbed. Disruption of the program to close the door will cause the automatic door will open. If the object has moved away from the range of the sensor and the sensor beam is intact, the door will automatically close again.

  1. Movement Sensor

This sensor will emit microwave radar. Almost the same as in optical sensors, if someone or something is within range of the radar then the sensor will react to open the automatic door.