Installing Printer Driver for Windows 7

Some of printers can be installed for all type of Windows and OS. However, not all of it are compatible for certain Windows, especially Windows 7. This series of Windows is known to have different setting compared to other Windows version, which make it hard to find the compatible Printer Driver for Windows 7. It is important to check the compatible of printer driver before installing it. On the printer box and inside its manual, there will be written it is compatible to any kind of computer system series. If there are no Windows 7 logo written on the manual, then even if you install it on Windows 7, it won’t work.

Printer Driver for Windows 7

Windows 7 is known to be the different computer setting compared to other Windows series. If any games, printer and application are easy to be installed on any computer series, it is a bit different with Windows 7. Not any kind of application, games, and printers are compatible for this series. Even you try to finding on the internet, some of it may work but some of it only trash, which means that the installation they gave is fake and unable to run for Windows 7. In this case, it is better to look for compatible Printer Driver for Windows 7 from its original series.

After finding the compatible, Printer Driver for Windows 7 then you need to insert CD drive to the laptop or computer of yours. Then, click twice on the installation button. When there’s option “run”, then click it. After finish with the software installation, then go to setting and find “Device and Printers”. Then click menu “add printer”. After installing the printer drive, the type of printer will automatically appear on the setting, and you can just click the series you have installed before. Then, your printer is successfully installed.