Extra Long Console Table for More Decoration Space

Extra long console table is a unique console table. As the name of this console table, the size of the table is longer than usual long console table. Of course that the guest comes into a house, they must be interested to see what the inside looked like. This console table can be the attractive house furniture that attracts the guest vision. It can be true with some conditional. The decoration on the console table may be considered because the decoration represents the room profile. The console table itself may be designed as beautiful as the decoration and the room style. This of course can be the first attention that the guest looks for.

It cannot be denied that extra long console table which has longer size definitely consumes more space of the room. People who want to use this console table must be considered about their rooms’ space. There is an example of this console table that is designed by Ronelvn. The console table named Balboa Island I. The console table design is designed with traditional accents that are colored in brown and some yellow and orange stripes as the shelf’s pattern. The console table also decorated with some decors such as standing lamps on both sides, and some vases as the center decors. This console table design is supported by a square mirror that hanging on the wall and it looks beautiful.

Because of this console table is furniture that becomes a place to store and especially for displaying decorations, the decoration which putted on the console table must be matched with both of the console table design and the room style. The most popular combination of this table is a pair of standing lamps that putted on the edge sides. To display your favorite things, it cannot be hesitated to choose extra long console table in your room.