Determining Bra Size With Two Easy Steps!

For women, choosing the right bra size is a challenge, find out how to easily measure bra at home, sofia vergara bra size.

Photo Determining Bra Size With Two Easy Steps!

Determining the size of the bra is something quite confusing for some women, especially a lot of the same bra size if the brand is different.

Each brand bras generally have different sizes. So 36B bra brand A, not necessarily exactly the same size as the brand 36B bra B.

Well, to get the size that if we approach the actual bra size, we can try these easy ways!

Things need to be prepared:

  1. Gauges for measure
  2. Pencil
  3. Paper

It should be noted that these measurements using units of inches in order to simplify the results obtained.

How to Determine Bra Size Easily

1. Measure the circumference Under breasts

Without the use of underwear and bra, measure the circumference of the bottom part of your breasts. Make sure that the meter is used flat and fit (not too tight or too loose).

Note that you can not get an integer, and therefore the size of the rounded numbers that you get to the nearest integer (eg, 31.7 inches rounded to 32 inches).

After getting the size number, add 4 inches if you get an even number or add 5 inches if you get an odd number.

Example: if the number obtained is 32 inches, then add 4 inches, 32+ 4 = 36 inches. If the figure obtained is an odd number, such as 31 inches, for example, then you have to add it by 5 inches, 31+ 5 = 36 .

After performing these additions you have to get under your breasts circumference and can now continue measuring cup bra.

2. Measure Your breasts to Get Size Cup

To get the bra cup size, you should measure the size of your breasts first.

Place the measuring tool around the breast, precisely in the most prominent (parallel to the nipple). Make sure the meter is not too tight and somewhat loose. If you can not get an integer, then rounded the numbers you get to the nearest integer (the same as when measuring the circumference under the breast).

After getting breast size numbers, this is his time to determine the bra cup size by reducing the numbers obtained for the size of the breasts to the size of the circumference under the breasts, and then match the description below:

0  = AA

1  = A

2  = B

3  = C

4  = D

5 = DD

6  = DDD, F

7  = G

Example:  if your breast size is 37 inches and your bust size bottom circumference is 36 inches, then subtract these two numbers; 37-36 = 1 inch.

Then after getting the results of the reduction of the match in the description above, 1 = A.

Then you are a bra cup and your breast size is 36 A.

Easy is not it? Now you can know its own bra size! Keep in mind that the bra size can vary according to the brand issuing, therefore you still need to match the bra when buying a bra to be more precise. This size only helps kamuuntuk determine the closest size bra.

Come bra measuring themselves now!

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