Best Paid Android Apps

Android AppsGadget has a smart phone based on Android OS, Android Applications Best buddy who can upload the smart phone. Buddy gadget can choose which applications to entertainment features, the game features, business features, and much more. Surely the best paid android apps can upload a part pal paid applications. In this case, a free application has advantages and disadvantages compared to paid applications.

Here, we have summarized some best paid android apps in order to downloadon android based smart phone gadget belongs to my friend as well. Surely, by opening the Play Store which is already integrated in every Android OS belong pal gadget; the application can be installed smoothly. Another way to get the best Android application is via computer or PC, by typing the names of applications that will be mentioned below in the Google search engine and Bing.

In addition to best paid android apps, buddy gadgets need to know very much at all Best Paid Android Application which now can be downloaded for free. With features that are already open completely, mate gadget does not need to worry when you play or open a free application, however, once again, the application has become free because there is a third party that is sponsoring the application that can be enjoyed for free.

There are many types of best paid android apps according to function, such as the application of fuel for chat, Camera 360 to satisfy the desires of selfie photos, and Nova launcher user interface for Android smart phones. Both paid applications or free, of course our main goal is because the function of the application. Now, let us together look at the Top 10 Android Apps anything that we can enjoy it for free or pay directly through the Play Store otherwise other application stores.

  1. Minecraft – Pocket Edition

As one of the best Android applications that have been downloaded more than 5 million users of Android smart phones, this application has a very attractive interface like Xbox in a smart phone based on Android. Plus, with the kind of adventure that is so attractive, mate gadget certainly will never get bored to play this adventure game.

  1. SwiftKey

Best Android application serial number two is very useful for those who use Android smart phone because it serves as a tool for typing short messages. Usually by linking these applications with third party applications such as WhatsApp, Line, Kakao Talk, fuel, and others, my friend would be using its gadgets directly. For settings, pal gadget can make arrangements directly through the settings on Android phone gadget pal.

  1. Poweramp

Known as the only Android application for issue of entertainment, music and videos that exist on HP storage Android can be played here without the need for installation of the extension application. Moreover, some features such as lyric match, lyric search, and music and video downloads, pal gadget will surely easily get the maximum entertainment through these paid applications.

  1. Titanium

Best Android apps designed for the gadget buddy who likes to root HP Android, this application is required for download. With all its advantages to stabilize the results of root Android OS, buddy gadget will get a very different experience. In addition, this application can be used as storage for the storage of gadget buddy who wants to store important data through the cloud system integration.

  1. Nova Launcher

In addition to root on HP Android, Android Applications Best the last sequence has been downloaded by many users HP Android yet have the ability to rooting the smart phone. By using this application, pal gadget can customize the look and phone and third is applications. Typically, using this application, pal gadget can hide applications that do not want to be opened by someone else. Moreover, with this complication, pal gadget can set the main dock at HP Android gadgets as desired buddy.

  1. Camera 360

Anyone would at least have to download the free Android app for its Best who was highly qualified. With a bit of image processing or changing the image using the features available, pal gadget will find a drastic change in every image that has been my friends grab the gadget through front and rear cameras. As an image editing application that can be downloaded free of charge, features that did not exist even be reduced, in fact a lot of extra features that once did not exist.

  1. BBM for Android

Applications that could make a scene the HP Android users in the world is the only one of the best Android apps are officially bought by Google. A few percent ownership stake in the company Blackberry Messenger to make this application can be downloaded by users through the HP Android Play Store. Plus, with different developers of the BlackBerry Enterprise, in fact, applications can now be found in APK format features the superior.