3 Benefits of Lemon For Cholesterol 

The benefits of lemon for health has been known since long known to be useful as a cure for various diseases and one of them is to lower cholesterol and also saturated fat. In addition, lemon is also very useful for the diet because it can destroy fat in the body so that cholesterol that also accumulate in the body also wasted. Although only consuming 1 cup of warm water mixed with lemon juice has been able to lower cholesterol levels in the body than other drinks. For more details about the benefits of lemon for cholesterol you can see in our review below.High Vitamin C
In addition to the benefits of dragon fruit to lower cholesterol because of high vitamin C content, in other citrus fruit lemon is a high source of vitamin C called ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is what makes the taste of lemon fruit is very acidic. High vitamin C in lemon fruit is very good for reducing the amount of lipids and cholesterol in the blood based on research published in the Journal of Physiological Sciences Nigeria edition 2006.

From a research also found if taking high vitamin C in lemon fruit is very good to protect the body from hypertension, atherosclerosis and cholesterol.

High Flavonoid Content
In the lemon also has a very high flavonoid content, especially eriocitrin and also limonon. Both compounds that give a bitter taste in the lemon also have many benefits and one of them is to lower bad cholesterol levels in the body like the benefits of okra for cholesterol.

From research in the Journal of Food Science 2006 edition proves that consuming eriocitrin every day will lower the total cholesterol in stages of LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and phospholipids.

In another study published in the 2007 edition of Alternative Therapies, men and women who had high cholesterol and consumed flavonoids and vitamin E daily for 4 weeks were shown to lose between 20 and 30 percent of cholesterol levels in the blood. The researchers also have a theory that limonons can reduce the production of apoliproprotein B, a substance in the liver that is associated with elevated high cholesterol levels.

In addition, the benefits of lemon skin is also high in flavonoid content is very effective to lower blood cholesterol levels and also the liver. One type of flavonoid flavon polymetoksilat in lemon is a very powerful antioxidant to reduce bad cholesterol levels.

High Fiber Content
Dietary fiber especially soluble fiber such as pectin is also associated with a decrease in blood cholesterol levels. In a study published in the journal “Clinical Cardiology” found if people who consumed citrus every day and performed for 16 weeks, it has a decrease in total cholesterol levels up to 7.6 percent and average LDL decrease of about 11 percent. All parts of the lemon is a high pectin source that is very good for consumption.

The soluble fiber will absorb water in the digestive tract and then form a thick mass. Bile acids that contain cholesterol as a component will be trapped in the viscous mass and will not be reabsorbed by the body but will be discarded so that the cholesterol in the blood will decrease gradually. In 1 medium-sized lemon fruit can provide 1.6 grams of total fiber and 1 gram soluble fiber as bad cholesterol-lowering is very powerful but does not eliminate the benefits of good cholesterol in the body.

The benefits of lemon for cholesterol has proven efficacy from some research and research that has been done. For suggestions to consume lemon fruit can be done by consuming lemon juice that can be added with a natural sweetener such as honey.